Life in the Midst of Autumn

Jobb 33.4

Often we feel like Autumn – dying; shedding leaves; cold; dull brown instead of vibrant green with life.  In the Autumn periods of life we may question why our Creator is allowing us to wither and die on the vine.  God has not abandoned us, but is rather supporting us through this time.  He knows that Winter is coming and He is preparing us for the harsh brutality of the next season in our life.  Sounds depressing?  No!  Three reasons come to mind.  The first and most obvious is that Spring is coming (after we have endured the cold times) when we will once again enjoy the warm sunshine of His love and His Spirit flowing through our spiritual hearts.  The second is that the slow progression of Autumn allows us time to rest gently in His arms before we experience the worst of the trials ahead.  And third, there is a beauty in Autumn that always draws us in.  We stop and reflect on the changing of the colors and that pause alone – that pause to soak up the richness of the season – that pause alone causes us to look to the One Who created the seasons.  We look to One Who provides beauty in each season of life.  We look to the One Who walks with us through each season of life knowing that in Him we run, we dance, we play, we sing, we hope and in Him we crawl, we sway, we mourn, we cry, and we even share our deepest despair.  May we enjoy the beauty that is Autumn and may we rest safely in the arms of the One Who will surely sustain us in the Autumns of our lives.