Baseball – America’s Pastime

God Bless America

Baseball – America’s Pastime

That’s quite a claim in the middle of football season and yet, here we  are about to begin the 6th game of the 2019 World Series and the excitement is growing with each outing.  (I fully expect tonight’s game to be the final game of this World Series with the Astros “taking back” what they owned just 2 years ago.)  Baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie were touted as America’s favorites in a Chevrolet ad campaign in the 70’s. And we all agreed – except for the grumpy Ford owners – that these things represented America. In so many ballparks a new symbol of our country has emerged as the song “God Bless America” has become as common as “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”  This practice took hold after 9-11-2001 and has continued to this day.  Perhaps, as we watch the Astros win this year’s Series, we could pause to thank God for allowing us to live in a country that gives us such events and we could also pause to ask God to truly Bless America with an outpouring of His Spirit on our nation.

Now . . . . Play Ball!