Are We Living in the End Times? ~ Part 2

In the Olivet Discourse, found in Matthew 24 & 25, Mark 13, and Luke 21, Jesus shared some signs of the end times. Other passages of scripture like 1 Timothy 4:1-3, 2 Timothy 3:1-5, and 2 Peter 3:3-4 give general descriptions of end times which look very much like our culture today.

The fact is that we have been seeing “End Times” events and signs since Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. Those signs may be more prevalent today and situations may seem more dire, but are they signs of the end of the age?

As we look at the “signs of the times” we can easily come to the conclusion that the return of Jesus is imminent. However, since no one knows when that time will come our response cannot be a chicken little reaction to the signs, but rather a preparation for what will come sooner or later. And while I believe it will be sooner rather than later, the timing doesn’t matter – it’s time to prepare.

To that end we must recognize the signs and recognize that Jesus could return at any time. Furthermore, we must keep watch; be alert; pray; and keep working for the Lord. Our urgency to reach the lost must increase daily as we anticipate the time when those who don’t know Jesus will run out of time.

This Bible study was presented to the Agape Life Bible Study Class of the First Baptist Church in Brenham, Texas, on Sunday, March 5, 2023. It is part of a series of Bible study sessions entitled Living the Agape Life – a Bible study curriculum developed by Bob Young with input from the members of the Agape Life Class. Handouts with slide content can be requested at: .

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