My View from the Back Porch

Ever since we started the renovations at our place in the country, it has always been a treat to go sit on the back porch and soak in the beauty of the Texas countryside.  I can sit out there in the morning and listen to the birds awakening with the dawn and then enjoy the croaking of what must be ten thousand frogs and crickets in the evening.  It is peaceful, quiet, and still – the way I long for my heart to be in the midst of the chaos of  life.  And it is in those quiet moments – when I am “still and know that He is God” – that God speaks to me and calms the storm within.  That is what I want to share with you in these posts.  I want to share my view from the back porch.

Some of my posts will reflect a few of the things I have learned in my journey through life.  Some will simply be statements of what I see in our culture and how we as Christians should respond.   I teach a Bible study class each week to an extremely eclectic group of adults and some of the posts and videos I share will be taken from those lessons.  I have no delusions of profundity but rather I hope to cause you to think, to laugh, to ponder anew your  life as Christ would have you live it.

Furthermore, I hope this will be a conversation and not just a monologue.  I would love to hear your thoughts, hopes, fears and anything else you would feel comfortable sharing with me.  It’s wonderful to relax here on the back porch enjoying the view, so pour yourself some coffee (or the beverage of your choosing) and let’s talk.